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  • Roadways, pathways, fill and more

    Roadways, pathways, fill and more

    Woodstock Landscaping & Excavating has everything you need.

  • Medium Size Stone

    Medium Size Stone

    Crushed blue stone, #2 stone, 3/4 inch perfect for drainage.

  • Stone


    Decorative River Rock - multiple sizes.

  • Sand


    Washed or Mason

  • Colorful Pea Gravel

    Colorful Pea Gravel

    Call the Hudson Valley Experts

  • Stone Chips

    Stone Chips

    Crushed blue Stone – many types and sizes.


Woodstock Landscaping also owns operates a gravel pit and stone quarry, providing large quantities of material for concrete plants, large municipality jobs and large construction and subdivisions.  We have all products, including Board of Health approved drain field gravel. 
 Stone, Sand, and Dirt are just some of the many fills we have to offer.

With the goal of recycling and using clean fills, we are a leader in our industry.  We have blue stone, crushed bluestone (many types and sizes), #2 stone, 3/4 inch (perfect for drainage), Decorative River rock (multiple sizes), sand (Washed and Mason) and Understone Chips. 

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